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Hi! I'm a self-taught product designer and former developer with Mechanical and Civil engineering roots. I worked for startups like Drop and Plate IQ in their seed stage, helping build the foundation of their products to get them to series A.

As a freelancer, I'm proud of short-term but high-impact projects at Ample and Brideside. I ramped up quickly to understand their users and industries, identified improvements, and designed better user experiences that improved conversion.

Recently, I've been creating design systems for design teams at companies like Yello and ConsenSys, enabling other designers to do good work faster, and organize Figma Chicago events.


Senior Product Designer (Aug 2019 - present)

Working with a PM, developers and a user researcher, I designed and user-tested a platform for investing digital currency. Features included legally-compliant onboarding, connecting a web3 wallet, bidding in an auction, monitoring investments, and administrative features to manage different user types and states.

I also created a design system from scratch and worked with a design systems team to build it. It was used by several other designers on different teams and for different use cases, speaking to its flexibility and modularity.

I also set up and led the interview process for product design hiring across multiple teams, and from a funnel of over 300 applicants over a few months, interviewed and hired two product designers.



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Freelance (Summer 2019)

I conducted internal discovery interviews with stylists, customer support, marketing, and other stakeholders, and used end user NPS, screen recordings of users, and search data that I analyzed to inform my redesigns of the navigation, user registration flow, physical shop pages, and product pages.

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Case Studies

Yello (2018 - 2019)

At Yello, I onboarded a 40+ person product team to Figma, worked on a design system, and designed and user-tested campus recruiting and event management tools for a talent acquisition software company.

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Ample (2017)

At Ample, I designed and developed a Shopify theme and launched a subscription feature. Informed by quant and qual data, my optimizations increased revenue and led to a focus on customer education.

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Plate IQ (2015-2016)

As Plate IQ's first and only product designer, I worked with the CTO, customer support, our early users, and engineers to design, build, and launch B2B software for managing restaurants.

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Figma Chicago

Co-organizer (Spring 2019 - present)

In less than a year, I helped the group grow from 100 to 600 members. Occasionally I've presented, but I mostly help organize and plan meetups. Check out our past and upcoming events on Meetup, and our design files on Figma Community to see what we’ve been up to!

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About Me

I was born and raised in Iowa, lived 10 years in the Bay Area, California and currently am in Chicago, IL. Some of my favorite things include: riding transit, thrifting and grocery shopping when traveling in other countries, learning how to grow new plants, and baking.

Interviews: Role Models in Tech (2018), Techies Project (2016)
Articles: Optimizing for Collaboration in Figma (2019)

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How I like to work

I value transparency, overcommunicating, and being kind to others.

I also care about things like creating good handoff documentation, and hiring the right people.

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Learning what strengths people bring to the table, understanding where someone is coming from when they disagree, and having fun are all important to me, too!