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Trucy Phan

Currently a Senior Product Designer at Yello. Previously, I studied Mechanical and Systems Engineering and was a software engineer.

Interviews: Role Models in Tech (2018), Techies Project (2016)


I'm working on a design system, campus recruiting, and event management tools for a talent acquisition software company. (Feb. 2018 - Present)  View case study · 7 min read


I designed and built a site to increase conversion rates, built and launched subscriptions, and improved customer education. (2017)  View case study · 5 min read

Plate IQ

As Plate IQ's first product designer, I designed for print, web, and mobile, and built all my designs in Angular. (2015-2016)  View case study · 10 min read


From main gigs and side hustles to volunteer work and personal explorations, here are some of my favorites.  View the archives →

About Me

I am an Iowan native born to Vietnamese immigrants, and most recently moved back to the Midwest after living 10 years in California.

Chicago, IL